Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) – v0.1.9 – Build 98904

Hi Pioneers!
In preparation of getting the experimental branch ready for main we’ve fixed a bunch of issues, mainly related to the Conveyor Lifts. Details below

Conveyor Lifts
• Adjusted clearance and size
• Fixed fog planes in the Conveyor Lifts
• Added arrows on lift holograms
• Updated the connectors
• Mid part now rotates with top instead of bottom

Adjusted alignements of I/O:s on Foundry, Coal Generator, Fuel Generator, Oil Refinery, Constructor, Smelter and Assembler

Removed Compass Icon of locally controlled vehicle
Compass text now only visible when directly facing the item
Fixed a crash related to the map
Arachnophobia working as intended again (No creepy spider things, but other hostiles are visible)

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