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Patch Notes: Early Access – v0.1.12 – Build 99303

Hello Pioneers!
We’ve got a small patch incoming with some fixes to the Early Access build. Thanks again to all of you who helped getting this release stable by playing on the Experimental build and reporting bugs and issues to us. For now, the Experimental build won’t be updated until we have new content to test, so the Early Access build will remain the latest version of the game until then. If you find any more bugs or you want to share your feedback on the new features (or previous features) or you have suggestions on what you’d like to see in Satisfactory in the future, go to as usual and let us know there. Do so either by upvoting other posts of people that share your thoughts or by putting up your own posts!

• Players now ...

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April News

Hello Pioneers!

You might have noticed that today’s patch finally brought the experimental features to Early Access.
To help you get along with all the new features, coffee stain studios published a short info-video on their youtube-channel.
In the video there’s also a statement about the upcoming big May-Update. After the experimental branch finally hit early access, they are working again on features according the roadmap. But… the May-Update will probably delayed until June.

There’s also a new function, to let players around the world help with the game’s localization.
The following link provides a short summary and all informations about the game’s localization.

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Patch Notes: Early Access – v0.1.11 – Build 99133

Hello Pioneers!
The update with Conveyor Lifts, Sulfur and Quartz is now live on Early Access. For the Sulfur and Quartz research to unlock, you will have to find either and pick them up. Big thanks to everyone playing the Experimental Build and helping making this update stable! You should be able to continue saves that have been played on the Experimental Build with the Early Access version. In addition to the new features, the update includes a bunch of bug fixes, balancing changes, quality of life additions and other changes for you all. As usual, you can find the details to all of those in the patch notes below.

• Added the Conveyor Lift (currently with placeholder visuals)
– Rebuild or build a new factory with Mk.1 – 4 of the vertical Conveyor Belt!
• Added th...

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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) – v0.1.10 – Build 98994

Hi Pioneers!
This is hopefully the last update to reach experimental before we push it to the main line. We’ve fixed the most annoying issues that you helped us find. Read more below.

Fixed so that recipes get unlocked if you load a save with prerequisites already met
Stackable poles shouldn’t encroach each other anymore
Quartz has a material now
Crystal Oscillator is visible from every angle
Fixed an invalid Geyser
Added proper collision to the Radar Tower

Changed production time text in recipes to be more intuitive
Conveyor belts max incline bumped from 30 to 35 degrees
Re-aligned Foundry and Smelters inputs to allow for tighter connections
Map is always centered on player
Conveyor Lifts are rotated correctly
Added a cancel/fail sound for dismantling
New Ic...

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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) – v0.1.9 – Build 98904

Hi Pioneers!
In preparation of getting the experimental branch ready for main we’ve fixed a bunch of issues, mainly related to the Conveyor Lifts. Details below

Conveyor Lifts
• Adjusted clearance and size
• Fixed fog planes in the Conveyor Lifts
• Added arrows on lift holograms
• Updated the connectors
• Mid part now rotates with top instead of bottom

Adjusted alignements of I/O:s on Foundry, Coal Generator, Fuel Generator, Oil Refinery, Constructor, Smelter and Assembler

Removed Compass Icon of locally controlled vehicle
Compass text now only visible when directly facing the item
Fixed a crash related to the map
Arachnophobia working as intended again (No creepy spider things, but other hostiles are visible)

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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) – v0.1.8 – Build 98779

Hi Pioneers!
This small patch is mainly to fix some multiplayer related crashes, but we’ve fixed some other things along with it. As usual, you can find the details on that below.

• Conveyor Lifts now snap in 1m steps instead of 2m

• Generators and Power Poles now show the correct name in their menu (Biomass Burner, Coal Generator, Power Pole Mk.2, etc.)
• Stackable Poles can no longer be built within each other
• Fixed some Map related crashes (on client and host)
• Fixed the distance of input fog planes on the Splitters and Mergers
• Hopefully fixed a crash related to Power Lines being saved in a bad state
• Fixed a crash occurring when exiting the game
• Players are not able to walk on water anymore
• Players don’t move upwards infinitely wh...

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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) – v0.1.7 – Build 98611

Hi Pioneers!
Another small patch to the Experimental, mainly to fix the crashes some of you are experiencing when loading saves. A few other fixes and changes have made it in as well, you can find them in the notes below.

• Adjusted the Alternate Recipe for Compacted Coal
– Old: 2 Coal + 2 Sulphur
– New: 3 Coal + 3 Sulphur
• Adjusted the Alternate Recipe for Turbo Fuel
– Old: 5 Fuel + 2 Compacted Coal
– New: 5 Fuel + 4 Compacted Coal

• Fixed on load crashes related to excluded researches
• Automatic Health regeneration up to 3 pellets works again
• Fixed not being able to build Conveyor Lifts downward onto Foundations
• Fixed the Stackable Conveyor Pole not aligning with other Conveyor Connections
• Unpossessed Player Characters that ...

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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) – v0.1.6 – Build 98445

Hi Pioneers!
Here we go, the actual patch to bring you several crash fixes, bug fixes, balancing changes and a few content additions. This time without removing all the logistics items. Hope you all enjoy the patch!

• Doubled the cost of the Conveyor Lifts
• Renamed Gunpowder to Black Powder
• Adjusted Black Powder recipe:
– Old: 2 Coal + 1 Sulphur
– New: 1 Coal + 2 Sulphur
• Adjusted Conveyor Lift clearance

• Fixed the “banana conveyor bug”
• Fixed the hologram material on the Conveyor Lifts
• Fixed Conveyor Lifts visually transporting parts into the correct direction
• Fixed the bug where inventory size wasn’t updated until the player opened the inventory
• Fixed the outdated Power Pole descriptions
• Fixed custom names for the ...

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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) – v0.1.5 – Build 98224

Hello Pioneers! As promised, the Experimental Build is now available to everyone who has purchased the game. It will show up as an extra library item additionally to the Satisfactory Early Access. It includes some nifty features that we want you to try out and give us feedback on, such as the Conveyor Lifts and the new research chains Quartz and Sulphur. Keep in mind that this version is more unstable than our other releases, so consider backing up any saves you want to try with it before loading them up in the Experimental build. Hope you all enjoy the new features, changes and fixes! Share your feedback and the bugs you are experiencing on the questions site:

• Added the Conveyor Lift (currently with placeholder visuals)

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Patch Notes: Early Access – v0.103 – CL 96721


• Fixed the Hard Drive research crash

• Fixed the Epic chat message crash

• Fixed a HttpThread sleep issue (should solve random cases where login fails fails)


• Added a “Confirm or reset settings” window for resolution & fullscreen to prevent players from ending up in a bugged state

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