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Patch Notes: Early Access – v0.104 – CL 97236

Hello Pioneers!

Today’s patch is a tiny one as we are now focusing completely on the upcoming content update. If everything goes well this also means we will not push any more updates until then.

Just a reminder we are planning to release the content update at the end of April, as we stated on the roadmap. Additionally to the content updates it will also include smaller and less crucial bug fixes that were easier for us to do during regular development instead of hotfixes.

Reminder: If you have any suggestions or issues related to the game, go to our dedicated site to report them.


• Fixed the Geothermal Generator crashing on dismantle for some players

• Implemented extra error checking to get more information on ...

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Early Access Patchnotes

Satisfactory EA Out Now

THIS IS HAPPENING! The game is now released and we are incredibly excited for you all to play Satisfactory. Here are some patch notes detailing the changes that went in since the Alpha Test Weekend. There is lots of new content in the Early Access version and there are likely more tweaks and fixes in this version than these patch notes cover.

Hope you all will be having an amazing time with the game!

• Unlocked Tiers 4 – 6
• Unlocked the Caterium Research Chain
• Added work-in-progress localisation to a number of languages
• Emotes 😉

• Rebalanced Steel: Steel Plate and Reinforced Steel Plate are now Steel Beam and Encased Industrial Beam (both have a different cost than before, Encased Industrial Beam requiring Concrete to produce)
• Rebalanced...

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